torsdag 24. juni 2010

Innlegget mitt om Rom-folket holdt i Europarådet

The situation of Roma in Europe and relevant activities of the council of Europe
Mrs Karin S. Woldseth, Norway
Tuesday 22 June 2010

First I will thank the rapporteur for this report. It is heartbreaking reading, but nevertheless a very important issue the rapporteur points at.
The rapporteur says in his report that there is a new trend within Member States to consider that the Roma issue falls under the responsibility of international and European organizations. If that is a fact, it is worrying. Those Member States concerned should be ashamed - immediate and necessary steps should be taken. No minority should be treated like they are not wanted - nowhere.
I am really upset and worried.
In the report, we get examples of countries where the Roma- people are treated badly. This is nothing to be proud of.
Children do not get to school or get a proper healthcare.
There is neither housing nor work for the Roma – people. There are few, if any, authorities that seem to care how the Roma- people are surviving. They are even placed in dangerous environments by the authorities in some countries. This is not Europe worthy.
I will not accept that in the Europe I live in, men, women and children are killed, raped or mutilated because they belong to a
minority. Nor is it acceptable that they lack education, healthcare, jobs or housing.
The Council of Europe should do more than only make a report. I would like to point to three measures I believe are important to improve the situation of the Roma in Europe.

Firstly: I think it would be an idea to make an action plan on the treatment of the Roma- people like the one we did on domestic violence.
Secondly, I suggest we organize a hearing or seminar for further discussions of the topic. A broad approach to the problems is needed.
Thirdly: Time has come for all of us to sweep before our own doors. We all need to look into the situation of the Roma in our own countries with critical eyes and change wrong doings and injustice.

We, the Member Countries of the Council of Europe, are treating human beings worse that animals. We as politicians can no longer close our eyes or look the other way.
I hope that this report is a wakeup call for all of us. No Member State can leave the responsibility with the Council of Europe. But regardless who is responsible - We need to take action- now.

Thank you.

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